7 Money Saving tips to build your Savings

December 09, 2018 4 Comments

7 Money Saving tips to build your Savings



Social media feeds flood our senses with alluring exotic, dreamy images of bucket-list-worthy destinations on the daily. The images can be inspiration or a constant reminder of the experiences you want.

If you’re longing to capture one of these travel goals here are some strategies to make it happen. Travel does cost money but you can save on that too! By putting just a few of these cost saving tips into practice you can stash a pretty penny towards that travel destination! This strategy can be used to save for any big upcoming expense, weddings, birthdays the holiday season. Try it out!

Here are 7 simple strategies I recommend to help you build up your travel fund. [This post contains affiliate links.]

1. Open up a new savings account
In order to save up money to travel, you first need somewhere to keep your money safe! I prefer to keep money earmarked for travel in a separate account. I use Acorns to stash cash for upcoming big expenses. 
The reason I like this App for saving is they swipe leftover change automatically into your account, and they invest it! The interest can really add up and makes a difference if your saving over a longer period of time. The Acorns app also allows one time or recurring deposits so it make piling up your extra cash and racking up your compound interest easy. Use this link to get $5 to start your cash stash.

2. Use the internet for discounts using a rebates app
When you have to spend money, the least you can do is make sure you’re getting the best deal and not paying full price when you don’t have to! Right? I use Ebates and order online, surprisingly every store I order from has curb side pick up. That also helps me stick to a budget because I only order what I need. The bonus using Ebates is you get a rebate and usually a discount code to use. 

Use this Ebates link and get a bonus when you sign up!

3. Cut your cable
It’s time to cut the cable! Say Bye Bye to that $120 monthly bill! I spend $120 for a year's subscription to Amazon Prime and get lots more benefits.

Compared to streaming services, cable is expensive and lacks both ease and variety. Instead of paying for cable, you can sign up for a cheaper monthly subscription to something like Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
I love Amazon Prime, I get 2 day shipping, can watch lots of TV and new movies and it has the best music play lists on Amazon Music. It's all included in your Prime membership.  You can use your smart TV and download the app or buy a Firestick. I recently bought a Firestick  with an Alexa voice remote and it took five minutes to set up! You can get a Echo Dot that connects with your Firestick and still spendless than your cable bill!

Use this link for a 30 days free trial of Amazon Prime. Use this link for Firestick with Alexa Remote. Use this link for cool Fire TV Devices & Echo Dot.

7 ways to build your savings

4. Eat out less and eat healthy

For many, implementing this money-saving strategy is the hardest. But if you want to build up your travel fund, you must stop spending unnecessarily on restaurant meals and drinks.I know from experience that your savings from not eating out will be substantial.

I order my groceries online and either have then delivered or pick them up curbside. This strategy makes me consider what I need and eliminates adding things to my cart spontaneously. I set a limit of $100 a week and have found that I spend less than my limit. I also have found I tend to eat more fruit and vegetables because I have them on hand. Have you can order groceries through your choice of retailers on Ebates and get cash back or try Amazon's new grocery service AmazonFresh.

Challenge yourself not to spend money on food or drinks (other than groceries) for the next week. When you’ve accomplished that, extend your challenge to the next week, and so on. See how long you can go without spending money on eating out. I saved almost $400 a month not eating out.

5. Make your coffee and tea at home
Every time you grab a coffee or tea from your local cafe, that’s roughly $5 more you could’ve saved in your fund.
Honestly, would you rather spend $1,000 per year at cafes, or use that cash to hike the fjords of Norway, traverse the jungles of Brazil, or explore the Tuscan countryside?
Instead, invest in a great coffee maker, Chemex, or electric kettle, so that you can quickly and cost-effectively make your caffeinated drink of choice whenever you want. There are lots of choices and you can usually find a coffee maker on sale! Also as an added savings use a refillable K-Cups Keurig to save money on buying disposable K-Cups for coffee and tea. 

6. Buy a reusable water bottle
An easy way to cut back on costs is to stop buying water bottles, soft drinks, juices, and smoothies when you’re out and about. Having your own refillable water bottle Flask that you can refill with water whenever you get thirsty is the way to go!

Carrying around a refillable water bottle is cheaper, healthier, and better for the environment, so what’s not to love?

And if water’s too boring for you, you can always kick it up a notch by throwing in some produce and herbs, like lemons, oranges, cucumbers, and mint! The water bottle I use has a Fruit Infuser water bottle, it makes me being healthy on the go easy!

7. Cancel unnecessary memberships and subscriptions
Chances are, you pay monthly fees for services you really don’t need — or even use that often. I went through my bills and had at least $35 in subscriptions I did not use or had forgotten about. My friends had old gym memberships and computer services they never took the time to cancel. Well set aside 45 minutes and cancel them, all of them! I even found that PayPal has a new feature that allows you to deactivate subscriptions. 

 Picture yourself on vacation
Whenever you feel like unnecessarily spending, think of what else you could use that money for abroad! Picture yourself on vacation and remind yourself how far that same amount of money could get you in Bali or Thailand, for example.

Try changing your phone and laptop screensavers to a photo of your dream destination, as a continual reminder of your goal to build up your travel fund. 
Lastly, and most importantly, prioritize traveling. If you don’t believe traveling or whatever your savings goal is important, and if you’re not committed to it, then it might never happen for you.
Whenever you’re faced with a tough decision, prioritize the thing that’s most important to you.

Never sacrifice what is least important for something that is more important. Happy Saving!

7 ways to save with a small budget

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