TOP 20 - Travel Gear for a World Tour

July 27, 2018

TOP 20 - Travel Gear for a World Tour



1. Passport

You won’t get very far without your passport, but before you pack it, remember to check that it isn’t about to expire! Lots of countries — including backpacker havens Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia — won’t let you in if your passport expires within 6 months of your arrival date. It’s also worth packing a photocopy of your passport, and other important docs. Or if you’re feeling a bit 21st century, Email a copy of these to yourself so you always have them. Remember to check whether you need a visa to get into the country you’re traveling to.

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2. Headlamp

Don’t be that person who returns to the dorm room late at night and switches the main lights on; use a torch to make… your… way… quietly. I recommend the humble headlamp. As well as being helpful for trekking and exploring any caves.

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3. Action Camera

Not only will your memories be preserved forever, you know you’re just dying to be that person on Facebook who makes everyone jealous with their travel pics and videos. Why not go one step further and make strangers jealous by sharing your photos/videos on Instagram!

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4. Money

Unfortunately, you can’t go traveling without having a bit of money. But instead of carrying loads of cash around with you, open a bank account on N26 Bank. It works like a normal bank, but you have UNLIMITED and FREE withdraws cash in all ATM all around the world (except in Europe).


5. Ultralight Sleeping bag

If you’re traveling on a budget, a sleeping bag liner is a must. It’s essentially a cozy thin sleeping bag, and it’ll protect you from any bed bugs that might be lurking in the slightly more questionable places you stay. Pop one in your backpack, and get a good night’s sleep instead of worrying about the state of the sheets. Pick up a nice silk one, and feel 5-star wherever you bed down.

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6. Locker

Take a couple of padlocks. They’ll keep your backpack secure, and you can also use them on lockers in some hostels.

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7. Travel Jacket

A fleece and a wind/waterproof shell worn together or separately give you versatile options which provide protection from a variety of weather.

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8. Day Pack

You are going to be carrying a day pack with you most of the time. So make sure it has plenty of pockets (both internal and external), is strong, and provides comfortable straps. You can also consider getting one more that can be folded up and stuffed into your Day Pack

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9. Money Belt

A money belt keeps cash, cards, and passports safely concealed. You may want a second storage belt such as a neck pouch to keep smaller amounts of cash for daily purchases.

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10. Sewing Kit

Sure you can buy these anywhere but sewing supplies are good to have on hand. Make sure your pack includes needles, thread, and some dental floss. Repair heavier items (leather, backpacks) with dental floss. A needle can be used to remove splinters, as well.

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11. Microfibre Towel

On my round-the-world trip, I took a regular towel and deeply regret it. An absorbent, fast drying travel towel will suit your needs. 

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12. Travel Shoes

Great travel shoes shouldn’t just get you through TSA — you should be able to wear them sightseeing, hanging around the lobby, or padding downstairs for breakfast. We break down the best for him and her.

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13. Sleeping Mask

An eye mask turns a plane cabin into a dark cave. Infinitely better than the things the flight attendants will be handing you for free. And you will use it again during your long journeys.

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14. Universal Adapter

Socket configurations vary region-to-region, so bring a travel adapter. Choose an all-in-one unit, and make sure it includes a power transformer, or you could blow out your gadgets by using an incompatible voltage.

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15. Luggage Scale 

A portable digital luggage scale lets you weigh your bags before you get to the airport.

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16. Parachute Hammock

For something budget-friendly, lightweight and highly useful, a parachute Hammock is perfect for those going on camping or long distance hiking/biking trip. It’s 12 ounces, easily fits into a backpack or carry-on, and allows you to sleep wherever your heart desires.

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17. A Great Travel BackPack

This is my personal backpack of choice. Featuring back contouring and ventilation (to help stop drip sweating down your back when you’re scrambling trying to find your hostel), an adjustable hip belt, padded load-adjusting shoulder straps, numerous compartments for staying organized, a detachable rain cover and top loading packing. What I really love about it, compared with other backpacks I’ve owned, is how sturdy and comfortable it feels, like it’s hugging me instead of trying to pull me down to the ground.

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18. Travel Pillow

After sleeping so well in economy on a recent flight from Auckland to LAX, I’m convinced that a travel pillow is among the best travel accessories for international travel. Getting a decent block of sleep on a long-haul flight is invaluable and having a neck pillow that keeps you comfortable and stops your head from slipping is absolutely key to this.

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19. Digital Organizer Bag

New technology could be so useful in travel. BUT ... It could be a real challenge to pack all your electronics items! A Digital Organizer Bag is the perfect solution to pack all your items safely & keep space in your backpack.

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20. Drugs

No, not those kinds of drugs – I’m talking about the medicinal kind! First up, we have paracetamol. Worth taking a stash with you, since your familiar brand is not always available abroad. Secondly, we have Tiger Balm. If you haven’t discovered this versatile ointment yet, now’s the time. As our Facebook fan Lauren says, it’s “amazing for headaches and insect bites”, and you can also slap some (gently) on your aching muscles. It’s widely available in Asia, so you can even pick some up on your travels. Thirdly, pack some diarrhea medication. It’s likely that you will eat something… that, err… gotta go!


Do you have others essential accessories you always bring in travel & not mentioned in our list? 

Share it in Comments :)


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