TOP 3 Travel Tips for The Dubai Mall

October 23, 2018

TOP 3 Travel Tips for The Dubai Mall

In September 2018 I went on an amazing, four-day girls trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We spent one of our days exploring The Dubai Mall. We left Hotel the Rixos on the Palm at 11 am and didn't return until 8:30 p.m. Although we spent the entire day at the Dubai mall we still couldn't see everything the mall had to offer. We shopped intermittently during the day, but the bulk of the time we spent looking around at all of the cool sights. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but here are a few tips.
Tip One : Make a list of what you would like to see while there. This sounds like a no-brainer, but the Mall is 13 million square feet which is equivalent to the size of 50 football fields. The mall has the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Dubai Fountain, Fashion Avenue; the Dubai Dino Display, Virtual Reality Indoor theme park and the Human Waterfalls. It also has the Dubai Ice Rink, Hysteria, The Emirates A380 Experience, KidZania, and Burj Khalifa. None of the attractions are close to each other which is why you need a game plan. My group didn't have one, and we missed a few things that we would have liked to see.
Perfumery & Co.  Dubai Mall
Tip Two: Make sure to clear any old photos or videos off of your phone. Or, send them to the cloud to free up space.There are numerous art installations throughout the mall that you will want to capture. The mall does provide free WiFi, but I didn't use it. Bring a backup battery to recharge your electronics, because you will need it! More than one person in our group had to recharge their devices before the big event. Whatever you digital game plan is make sure you are prepared.
Tip Three What is the big event?  It's the Dubai Fountains evening music and light show! The events starts at 6 p.m. It is by far one of the most spectacular fountain shows that I have ever seen. I grew up in Chicago, and spent many a summer watching the lights and music pour from Buckingham Fountain. I also frequent Vegas, and the Bellegio looks like the little sister to this behemoth of a fountain. The fountain literally danced to the music! It was the highlight of our trip. Oh, here's the third tip: utilize the upscale golf cart shuttle inside the mall. The cart will pick you up from customer service and whisk you through the mall to the other end. We just walked up to customer service and requested that they pick us up. It was free and we only waited about five minutes. We would have missed the beginning of the fountain show if we hadn't gotten a ride. Lastly, wear the most comfortable shoes that you own. 
Dubai Mall waiting on a ride
Welp, that ends my three tips. I'll be writing a little more about some of my fun adventures across the globe. In the mean time, check out my store  it's full of essential gear for travelers.
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Sunset at The Dubai Mall

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